An Amazing Event at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Last month, I had the opportunity to work with a dream client from the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. She was planning an event at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. After doing a site visit, we designed an event with a lot of impact and a small budget. The client wanted something upbeat and fun after several days of serious meetings, so she chose a South American theme for décor and food in this historical building.

SONY DSC                    SONY DSC

The event dining room was splashed with shades of tiger lily and fuchsia. We used glass, water, orchids, and underwater lights to accent the tables and bring a tropical feel to the room. It was fun combining modern décor with the historic paintings.


The guests arrived and went to the second floor gallery amidst the 18th and 19th century sculptures and paintings. It was a perfect place to have cocktails and conversations with peers while being visually stimulated by the artworks. At that time, the guests wandered through the galleries before going into the dining area. They looked delighted upon entering the rotunda to the drums and strings from the Brazilian band that echoed from wall to wall, filling the once quiet gallery with the beats of South America.

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